Manufacturing Day

This month the United States celebrated Manufacturing Day. Manufacturers across the country opened their doors to local students, curious adults and even politicians to showcase that manufacturing in the country is alive and well.

When many people think about manufacturing, they think of their grandfathers in old dimly light and dangerous factories, but that’s not the case anymore; manufacturing today is a high-tech endeavor. In order to get the tight tolerances many customers need, factories are well equipped with CAD/CAM technologies. These computer programs allow workers to not only meet deadlines and specifications, but also allows them to do it safely.

Manufacturing is also thought as a low wage, low skill job and that assumption is very far from the truth! Manufacturing workers earn over $75,000 annually including pay and benefits. And with such a great salary, one would think there aren’t enough jobs for all the applicants. Unfortunately that isn’t the case either. Since manufacturing has become more high-tech, workers need to be a little more skilled than they were even a few decades ago. For that reason, there has been a skills gap and there are jobs that are going unfilled due to that. The good news though is that many companies are more than happy to offer on the job training for those who wish to get into the manufacturing sector.

October is Manufacturing month in Canada and we think our neighbors to the north are onto something. Manufacturing deserves more than one day, it deserves the whole month because it is so important to the economy and offers such a great career that many people may not think about. To get a good look at what a modern manufacturing company looks like, check out our video here. And if you think this is a career path for you, contact us today!