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The Importance of Workplace Safety

Every June, the National Safety Council observes National Safety Month to focus on reducing the leading causes of injury and death in the workplace, on the roads, and in homes and communities.   At Tella Tool, we strive to ensure the highest level of safety in our manufacturing facilities.  In an effort to keep safety number one, our safety committee holds regular meetings to discuss policies and procedures, as well as plant walkthroughs to find and correct any safety issues that are discovered.

Workplace Safety

Due to the work of our safety committee, we have already made numerous safety improvements.  Here are some of the changes and updates that have been recently been made.

  • Installation of new LED lighting that is longer lasting and more efficient than other lighting types to give our employees a brighter and safer work space.
  • The repainting and retreading of step stands to make machine access safer
  • Installing easily visible fire extinguisher signs, and painting the posts that hold the fire extinguishers red, making them easier to find in case of a fire
  • Creating a visual workplace with taped boundaries around machinery, storage areas, and walkways.
  • Upgrading existing electrical with new panels and service
  • Resurfacing of problematic areas within the plants.

Our safety committee is continuously seeking new knowledge and ideas to improve the safety of our facilities, and to this end has sent employees for outside training to improve their knowledge of OSHA and its requirements.  Some topics of training have included OSHA fall protection training, scissor lift training, and monthly risk reminder training.  Tella Tool’s Safety Director is a member of a local manufacturing safety peer group which meets regularly to collaborate on common safety concerns, and to share experiences, strategies, and results.

Safety is vitally important to everyone at Tella Tool, from top management to the plant floor.  We understand the importance of the safety of all our employees, and are always looking to improve our safety policies and procedures.  Observing National Safety Month is great opportunity to share safety ideas, and recognize common issues, and is something we keep focus on year-round.  For the latest company news and updates follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

June: National Safety Month

Every June, the National Safety Council recognizes National Safety Month. This month is dedicated to learning about safety in the workplace, and reminding everyone that safety should be the number one priority, whether you work in an office, on a manufacturing floor, or on external job sites. Roughly 11 workers die every day on the job, while scores more are injured. So what can we do to improve our safety?

Know Where We Stand

A key to workplace safety is knowing where you stand – what precautions and training you have in place, what emergency plans are being taught to workers, and the records that are being kept. If you are looking to set goals, you have to know what your starting point is. Utilizing electronic systems that can monitor what each employee does or does not know is a great way to go about this – the National Safety Council can provide programs and systems to put in place, especially if you’re still using pen and paper or basic spreadsheets.

Know the Risks

Certain areas of work tend to raise more safety issues than other. Knowing these issues, seeing where they are in our facility can make it easier to understand the causes of accidents. The most common areas of workplace injury and death include:

  • Slip, trips, and falls, which accounted for over 27% of workplace injuries in 2012.
  • Overexertion, including lifting, pushing, holding, and carrying, which accounted for just over 25% of injuries.
  • Being struck by objects or equipment, at almost 9%.
  • Exertions such as bending, twisting, climbing, twisting and walking, which accounted for just over 7% of injuries.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways – repetitive motion injuries have been quickly rising, while roadway incidents are a constant cause of worry for those in the transport industry.

Make Goals and Measure Performance

At Tella Tool, we have one simple goal, a goal that we hope all workplaces have – get our employees home, safe and healthy, at the end of every day. There are plenty of measurements you can use over time to check your performance in relations to goals you may have for your business.

  1. Record the amount of time lost to workplace injury, and make it a goal to reduce that time lost in increments, offering recognition or reward for successfully meeting goals.
  2. Record the number of incidences where medical treatment (beyond basic first aid) is needed, and identify area that need improvement. Set goals and track progress accordingly.
  3. Measure the reduction in sick days used, and urge workers to help reduce these sick days through incentives and programs.