Women in Manufacturing

Women represent just 27% of the manufacturing job force in the US. This exposes a source of underutilized talent that the manufacturing industry needs to tap into, especially when the country is crippled by the Skills Gap. Over the next few years the United States will need to fill 3.5 million production and manufacturing positions, and it is estimated that if the interest in these industries does not spike, 2 million of these posts will remain vacant.

Correlate that statistic with the fact that close to 58% of the bachelors and master’s degrees are earned by women, and the importance of bolstering the ranks of manufacturing with women becomes crystal clear. Research has shown that Fortune 500 companies that maintain good gender diversity enjoy a 35% higher return on equity than their peers.

Including more women in manufacturing is not only a social endeavor; it has tangible economic implications as well.

Organizations That Are Coming Forward to Help:

STEP (Science – Technology – Engineering – Production) Ahead is an effort by the Manufacturing Institute to find and reward women across all levels of management and floor work in manufacturing and production. By turning the spotlight on their success and achievements the aim is to create a lineup of luminaries young girls in schools and colleges can look up to and revise their opinion of a career in production.

Women in Manufacturing (WIM) is a national trade association dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring women who are pursuing or have chosen a career in the manufacturing industry. Through the collaboration, educational outreach and networking of this organization, leadership abilities and thinking are being cultivated that can transform the gender bias into an advantage and help to mold the minds and the hands that can revive US manufacturing again.

Tella Tool & Manufacturing, with membership in WIM, recognizes the critical importance of integrating women in the manufacturing industry and stands firmly in favor of maintaining gender diversity in its workforce to hold on to its place as the market leader of precision metal stampings and CNC machining. To learn more about our employment opportunities click here.

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