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The services of Tella Tool & Manufacturing Company are built on the principles of founder Dan Provenzano who started the company in 1968 in the garage of his father's Melrose Park, Illinois home building dies for Western Electric and International Harvester. Mr. Provenzano's goal was to be a complete resource solution that:

  • Provides industry leading quality components and assemblies at competitive prices.
  • Provides unparalleled service and support to ALL customers.
  • Offers greater engineering solutions than the competition.
  • Makes Tella Tool an industry leader in innovation and technology.

Throughout Tella Tool's history Mr. Provenzano always placed his investment in quality people,
our most valuable resource. With his determination for complete customer satisfaction, he strives to ensure that all employees are safely trained and actively participate in achieving organizational success through Total Quality Management Methodologies.

From its inception as a small tool & die shop in Melrose Park, Illinois, Tella Tool has grown its brand to become widely recognized and an industry leader in the metal stamping & assembly, fabrication and CNC machining business today. Tella Tool currently occupies 150,000 sq. ft. in 4 plants and two states with over 125 employees providing metal forming and machining services to various industries.

This timeline captures the major milestones in Tella Tool's history showing how the company expanded its services, grew its revenue and market share and has followed its mission to deliver operational excellence in every department and meet or exceed our commitments to all of the customers we serve.

1968 The Start

  • In 1968 Mr. Provenzano starts the business in Melrose Park, Illinois designing & building dies for Western Electric and International Harvester


  • Began manufacturing fabricated components and expanded to a 4,000 sq. ft. facility in Stone Park, Illinois.
  • Started producing metal stampings for the Telecommunications Industry and expanded to a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Addison, Illinois.
  • Tella Tool continued to expand and entered the computer industry and continues expansion into a 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Lombard, Illinois.


  • Tella Tools adds 40,000 sq. ft. expansion as growth in the telecommunications and computer industries flourish.
  • Increased our stamping capabilities up to 500 Tons
  • Expands into the production CNC Machining business with the addition of state-of-the-art vertical machining centers.
  • Expanded our customer portfolio to include, Medical, Aerospace, Computer, Telecommunications and Defense customers
  • Added 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space to support the growth in key customer market segments.


  • Tella Tool capabilities expand into the CNC Turning business while increasing capabilities in the CNC Machining department to include horizontal machining.


  • Tella Tool increases stamping press capacity and purchases a 1,000 Ton press in its Brownsville, Texas plant to manufacture larger stamping requirements in the region.
  • Tella Tool increases stamping capacity in the Lombard, IL plant to include 16 additional punch presses ranging from 32 tons to 600 tons.
  • Tella Tool becomes QS9000 certified.
  • Tella Tool expands customer base and begins exporting manufactured goods to Europe, South America and Asia.


  • Tella Tool increases fabrication capacity and purchases a Trulaser 1030, 2600 Watt laser machine.
  • Tella Tool Lombard, Illinois increases Machining capacity and purchases a MB-500H high speed horizontal machining center with an automated 6 pallet pool changer.
  • Tella Tool purchases 3 automated insertion machines for increases assembly business in Lombard, Illinois.
  • Tella Tool purchases (2) semi-automated welding machines to support increased business in Brownsville, Texas plant.
  • Tella Tool purchases new Okuma M560VA Vertical Machining Center with a Midaco automated pallet changer.

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